Sustainable food systems and the UNEP

Take a look at this brilliant video from the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). In under 4 minutes it provides a clear and concise evaluation of our global food system.

It is good to know that at the highest level of global governance there is awareness of the dire state of our food system. The video briefly explores solutions, notably the need to break down the silos between government and health authorities, producers, consumers and business people.

Simply identifying the food system as a system is a great start. When we are embedded in systems, often systems that we were born into, we tend to take the status quo for granted. For example my parents shopped at local grocery stores whereas I now shop at supermarkets. My children’s first experience of supermarkets were as infants – they have grown up with the phenomena.

So how do we effect change? This will be explored in future posts.

You can check out the UNEP Sustainable Food Systems Programme here. Their video was uploaded to YouTube on May 9 2016 and in 10 weeks has only had 4049 views. Please share this post or the video URL to increase circulation of these ideas.

Please also feel free to comment? How do you think we can effect change?


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