Kaiora honey

Manuka honey has enabled the Murray whanau in the Far North to re-establish a strong economic base back on their rohe (tribal lands). The story of Northlanders re-establishing their cultural and economic base on the land is a important and encouraging step in our move towards sustainable food systems.


Their story is told in this Country Calendar feature. (Note that the episode is incorrectly labelled on the TVNZ website). You will need to register to watch it.

Tae Murray returned to the north a qualified bee-keeper and his sister Blanche studied business and project  management. The rest of the whanau came back home to join the business. Kaiora Honey is now a thriving business exporting high value honey.

Manuka honey earns a huge premium in the international marketplace based on its health-giving qualities. The sought after healing properties of manuka honey are quantified in the unique manuka factor (UMF) rating indicated by the concentration of leptosperin in the honey.

Manuka and kanuka were once characterised as scrub, to be slashed or burnt to make way for pasture. The honey’s new status as a superfood is changing the dynamic of the landscape throughout New Zealand. People are now doing what was unthinkable a couple of decades ago, and replanting manuka. It is a pioneer plant that rejuvenates the soil and is many times more effective at sequestering carbon than pasture. As manuka and kanuka stands are enhanced, we have the opportunity to enrich ecosystems, protect waterways, and rejuvenate communities and local economies.

Here is Dr Josh Axe outlining the benefits of manuka honey.

And here is the article he refers to about the benefits of manuka honey. They include:

  1. reducing reflux and balancing the digestive system
  2. treating acne and eczema
  3. treating staph infections
  4. healing burns, wounds and ulcers
  5. healing tooth decay and gingivitis
  6. relieving inflammatory bowel disease
  7. boosting immunity
  8. relieving allergies and sinusitis
  9. improving skin tone and texture
  10. improving sleep.

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