The Fresh Food Collective achieves 100% local food!


The Fresh Food Collective reached a milestone last Tuesday. For the very first time they achieved 100% locally grown produce. They have often hit 80% and the goal of procuring all produce from local growers with in 12 months seemed at times very challenging.

George Lavich and the team are very excited about achieving this milestone and will continue to work with local growers  to support a sustainable Northland.

Our research has revealed that when locally sourced food replaces food sourced from outside the region, there is a two to four times beneficial economic multiplier of both money and jobs. Customers are getting healthy fresh food at great prices and supporting local growers – a win-win.

George Lavich.png

George Lavich at the Fresh Food Collective’s hub at the Whangarei Club (image from the Northern Advocate)

George, along with David and Sylvia Moore acquired the Fresh Food Collective from Laura Cates in April. Customer numbers are building slowly, but it is clear that for George, David and Sylvia and the volunteers that support them, that they are driven by a strong sense of purpose rather than any financial motive. George is particularly passionate about supporting local growers and is busy seeking out potential suppliers.

The Fresh Food Collective is opening a new hub at the Onerahi Play Centre on Tuesday 20th of October.

Fresh food collective.png

Their $12 and $23 packs offer impressive value and variety. For more information see their website.



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