A new mid-week market

By Lesley A’Court

Growers are planning a mid week market to provide a daytime and after work venue for business people and others who would like to buy the same fresh vegetables, fruit and produce they already enjoy on Saturday.  Prices will be basically the same along with many stallholders.

Starting Wednesday, October 19th 2.30pm – 6.30pm at the corner of Wood St and Railway Road.



Genuinely interested stallholders who have the produce to sell, are welcome to give us a ring.

Rules will be few but one essential is that the Grower attends with his own produce.   A member of the family or someone who knows the growing processes well,  can stand in,  BUT there is to  be NO ‘on selling’ of others’ goods.

A Community stall is going to be provided where people can plan to have their veg and fruit etc., (with a 15% commission being charged) sold on their behalf. All growers with produce need to provide some detail of the name of their farm and the most interesting aspect of the crop for display to the buyers.

We have so much interest at present that we may have to look at size of venue, but for the present the new market will run for four weeks before we all have a meeting and swap ideas on our collective findings.  Growers will be expected to arrive for those four Wednesdays, rain, hail or shine by at least 2pm the first day.

For more information contact:

Lesley  A’Court: 09 438 7868  leave a message. Cleared late afternoon.

George Lavich: 021 239 8734


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