Local Food Northland is a community led initiative aspiring to promote and establish community-led sustainable food systems for Northland. Systems that produce, add value, market and distribute locally grown nutritious food that supports the health and well-being of the community and the local economy while looking after the environment.
To contribute to a connected and cohesive, prosperous Northland by:

  • building local resilience back into the Northland economy
  • stemming the leakage of wealth from the region
  • rebuilding local economies
  • addressing food security and poverty at a community level
  • providing and distributing healthy locally based fresh food at a community level through a range of channels
  • enhancing employment opportunities at a local community level
  • creating stronger supply and processing capability for value-add and export.

So far Local Food Northland has been developed by a steering group with lots of community support. Current steering group members are:

Jeff Griggs

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.02.11 PM

Jeff has lived in Northland for many years and after working for regional and central government has realised that working with community is much more rewarding. He coaches collaborative leadership styles of working and is passionate about community driven initiatives.

 He spent 4 months studying the local food movement in North America last year and is now sharing what he learned with other who are interested in re-localising our food. In his spare time he grows avocados and manages Summergarden Daylily nursery.
Here’s Jeff’s presentation at the 2017 Local Food Northland conference.

Peter Bruce-Iri

Peter and no 8 wireBorn and raised in Northland, New Zealand, Peter has a longstandinginterest in sustainability. He teaches at NorthTec on the Bachelor of Applied Management and related qualifications. Alongside his research activity, Peter has published two books, Better Business for a Better World and Your Soul. Peter led the research team for The Social and Economic Impact of the Whangarei Growers Market. Peter lives with his wife Huria Iri in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Here’s Peter’s presentation at the 2017 Local Food Northland conference.

Clive McKegg

Clive in Samoa

Clive grew up in Whangarei and worked much of his life throughout Northland as a Chartered Accountant advising charities and
small businesses; plus in various community development/pastoral roles. He currently directs a software company, and has done substantial research on developing community wellbeing though a holistic localisation approach to rebuilding our Northland communities. See http://www.localise.nz/.

Here’s Clive’s presentation at the 2017 Local Food Northland conference.


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