Auckland a city situated in North Island of the country renowned as Tamaki by Maori population with population of 1,582,028 in 2019. Being a diverse cosmopolitan city Auckland is home for largest Polynesian population. City is covered with rain forest all around and connected by ithimus between Tasman Sea (Manukau Harbour) and Pacific Ocean (Waite-Mata Harbour). Being recognized among most livable cities by Mercer Quality of living survey.

Fig 1. Blossom Tree Auckland

Along with its great food culture Auckland holds 7000 hectares of useful available land for horticulture production of onions, potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, kiwi, broccoli, cauliflower, avocados and strawberries. More technological changes are expected for sustainability growth and fresh food access according to Auckland council

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Engagement Channels

Kai Auckland

Kai Auckland is one of the people’s collective movement is derived by individual food enthusiasts and organisations with local produce and enhancing awareness in public for local food growth and sustainability.

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Fig 2. Kai Auckland Homepage 

It aims to increase the connection of Auckland people with sustainable food and offer Number of projects are organised By Kai Auckland for food sustainability and networking along with community events where local talent and contributors in food innovation is recognized.

Kai Auckland works as tripod for public with three pillars focusing Community, Growing and Knowledge.

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Success story of OOOOBY

Ooooby, a prototype hub launched in Oct 2010, putting small scale sustainable farming at the heart of food system currently operating in 7 regions of New Zealand. Ooooby serving currently to 8,000 homes the fresh produce of fruits and vegetables in containers from farms to kitchen tables directly.

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Fig 3. OOOOBY Homepage 

This practice is highly aiming to rebuild our food economies. If you need your food servings directly to your kitchen then hit the link below to find out more about Ooooby.

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OOB Organics

OOB Organics is a crew made out of a blueberry orchard when operators Robert & Shannon gathered 27 crew members for starting venture of organic products from their orchard fruits. Crew started to produce frozen fruit mixes, frozen vegetables, smoothie mixes, organic ice cream blocks, dairy free desserts and a lot more.

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Fig 4. OOB Organics

Today OOB organics send their products all around globe and all this started with a mind of organic remains intact.

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