Food policy in Northland

Northland Food Policy Network; He Kai Ora Tonu was established in May 2017 but is in recess. Five major goals were established.

  • Supporting community based food systems projects, facilitated at the local level.
  • Supporting local growers and farmers ensuring the succession and growth of food production here.
  • Educating and communicating around food awareness.
  • Helping to create policy that supports sustainable food systems and fighting policy that doesn’t, from International down to whanau level.
  • Building a local network that exemplifies collaborative leadership, great engagement, communication and networking, and unity of purpose.

Northland Food Policy Network

People gathered at the inaugural Food Policy Network meeting.

The network developed submissions on sugar taxes and surveyed electoral candidates on food system issues before the 2017 General Election.

Local Food Northland was instrumental in establishing the Food Policy Network and continues its work of promoting food policy and connections across the food system. These processes are supported by people working voluntarily. The energy tends to ebb and flow. In 2018, many of those involved in food policy work shifted focus to work on climate change issues with a strong focus on reduced food waste, regenerative agriculture and a plant-rich diet. (see Tai Tokerau Climate Change Network for more details).