Northland is the country’s northernmost region. The region includes the Far North, Whangarei and Kaipara District Councils. The Māori name Tai Tokerau extends beyond the regional boundary to encompass the southern part of the Northland peninsula, including the Kaipara catchment.

Cape Reinga – where Tasman Sea and Pacific ocean meet

From a food perspective, Northland can grow a wide range of subtropical and tropical fruits with bananas and pineapple now in the early stages of commercial development. From a climate change perspective, Northland is particularly vulnerable as we have 2000 km of coast and harbor shoreline (The Kaipara harbor has the world’s longest shoreline. As the closest to the equator we are in the front line for adverse weather events and tropical pests and diseases. Our household incomes are the lowest in the country. (Read more about Northland at Wikipedia)

Food Rescue Northland

Food rescue Northland is a donation based organisation who provided 19 thousand meals to Northland houses last year. Currently operating with food waste and treatable food providing to needy families and houses.

Fig 4. Food Rescue Northland

Food rescue is supported by Food suppliers across Northland like New World, local supermarket owners and small to medium shops. Community providers like food banks, Churches, Marae, schools and Partners like citizens advise bureau, one double five and Whangarei district council.

This is another move towards sustainable food future reducing waste, maintenance of food and treating the needy for much needed FOOD.

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Local Food Northland

Local Food Northland is a community led initiative aspiring to promote and establish community-led sustainable food systems for Northland. Systems that produce, add value, market and distribute locally grown nutritious food that supports the health and well-being of the community and the local economy while looking after the environment.

Local Food Northland links

Food policy in Northland

Local Food Northland conference – See the Day one and Day two programmes for videos of presentation including Anne Palmer of Johns Hopkins University, Professor Barbara Burlingame and Dr Melissa Gilbert.


In 2017 the New Zealand Tropical Fruit Growers Association was formed. Their main focus is on bananas. more>>

Klaus Lotz of Permadynamics has the largest banana plantation in New Zealand and sells bananas all year round at the Whangarei Growers Market. more>>


Northland’s cheesemakers are producing high quality cheese as evidenced by their success  in the 2017 New Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards. more>>

This web page includes sub pages about Northland’s food systems including Food Policy in Northland

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Local Food Northland webpage and Conference 2017

The conference pages include video of conference presentations including Anne Palmer of Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Barbara Burlingame.