Aotearoa Food Policy Network

We are developing food policy national network. There are many organisations in New Zealand promoting local food and food access – to be a policy council organisation, they probably need to articulate the need for work at the policy level. The scope of food policy, from production, distribution, processing, sales, consumption and the aftermath of consumption are all relevant. What do you think?

Here are the organisations we are aware of involved in food policy. Please leave a comment if you are aware of other food policy initiatives in New Zealand.

Aotearoa Food Policy Network

The network meets every two months by audio conference. Currently, organisations represented are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin City Councils, Sports Waitakere, Local Food Northland, Toi Te Ora Public Health, Massey University, and Waikato University. You will find more information in the about us page.

Local Food Northland

Local Food Northland has established a Northland Food Policy Network, but that network is now in recess. The Climate Change Tai Tokerau Northland Trust has a active group of advocates promoting reduced food waste and a plant-rich diet.

Rotorua Local Food Network and Kai Western Bay

Toi Te Ora Public Health Service has a page about food policy councils here.



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