Policy matrix – clean water

This is a policy matrix. It provides an overview of the scope of policy and related action from the international level down to local level. For clarity, it only attempts to illustrate a sample of policy, including some initiatives. Ideally you will be able to have input and we will find better ways to do that. For now, you can leave a comment below.

   Clean waterways Bottled water  Clean seas 
 International SDG 6 Clean water

Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation


SDG 12 Consumption

Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and production

SDG 14 Sea

Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water

 National  90% of rivers “swimmable” by 2040.

About LAWA

Government rules out ban on bottled water export (NZ Herald) New Zealand’s Marine Environment (Ministry for the Environment)

Sustainable Fisheries (MPI)

 Northland Region  Rivers and lakes in the Northland Region (map)

NRC River Management

Water Quality in Northland (NRC)

Environmental River Patrol Aotearoa (Millan Ruka)

WAI 1040 Porotī Springs Land Air Water Aotearoa Northland Region. Can I swim here? 


Seacleaners website

 Far North District   Water, wastewater and refuse
 Whangarei District   Hatea River, 2016 
 Kaipara District  Northern Wairoa River (LAWA)  Integrated Kaipara Harbour Management Group
 Institution/ Organisation  Living Water (Fonterra and DOC)

Dairy NZ: Sustainable dairying: water accord and Northland Environmental Policy

 Family/ Individual  Identify water quality policy commitments from political candidates.

Think about how to recycle human waste? (urinate in your garden?)

Don’t purchase bottled water (especially plastic bottles)

Support the hapu of Porotī

By natural fabrics for clothing.

Reduce plastic waste.


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