The nation’s capital is in a beautiful harbour at the southern tip of the North Island. It is roughly in the middle of the country.


Some Wellington Foodies

Wellington City Council (WCC) is working to support a more sustainable and resilient food system in Wellington. WCC supports community gardens and urban farms, hosts sustainable food events/workshops, and supports food entrepreneurs. For more information visit our WCC Sustainable Food Initiative Website.

Fruit Tree Guardians give free fruit trees to neighbourhood groups with a suitable site in their area. Here is a case study about Fruit Tree Guardians.

Sustainability Trust A social enterprise that supports Wellington people to create warm, healthy homes and reduce their impact on the environment.

Kaicycle is an Urban Farming and Community Composting experiment in Pōneke (Wellington). They turned their first sod in 2015 and have been growing soil ever since. Kaicycle use regeneration first principles and believe healthy soil builds resilient and happy communities. Here is a link to the Kaicycle website. Here is a video about Kaicycle – there are plenty more on Youtube.

Good Food Boost 2019