Why the food movement is unstoppable

jonathan-lathamIn this remarkable article Dr. Jonathan Latham outlines 5 reasons why the food movement is unstoppable:

  • it’s a leaderless movement
  • it’s a grassroots movement
  • it’s international
  • it’s low-budget
  • it’s a movement of many values.

He asks “could the food movement be the missing vehicle for transformative social change?”

His conclusion encourages those supporting the move from industrial food systems to sustainable food systems.

In the ultimate analysis, the growth of the food movement is the people’s response to the failing ideas of the enlightenment. It represents a tectonic realignment of the forces underlying our society and a clash of ideas more profound than anything seen since the collapse of feudalism and the emergence of the industrial revolution. The outcome of this clash will determine not only the future of our society, but also whether our descendants get to live on a planet recognisable to us today. The portents are excellent. The food movement is prevailing because it takes advantage of the synergies and potentials inherent in biological systems, whereas the ideas of the enlightenment ignore, deny, and suppress these potentialities. It will indeed be a beautiful struggle to turn these portents into reality.

You can read the full article here.


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